The benefits of sleeping on a foam mattress

Choosing a mattress can be tricky – even when you engage in thorough testing, it can be hard to recreate your sleeping positions and get a useful impression of how comfortable a particular style is when you’re lying in the middle of a shop. However, the choice available from retailers means that you can buy a foam mattress in almost any size and with varying degrees of support, so if you have never tried one before it’s worth testing one out to see if it suits you.

Before going shopping, it’s worth considering the level of firmness which suits you best, so make sure you check your existing mattress so that when you are testing new ones, you know what you’re comparing them to. Foam mattresses come in a variety of different styles, including orthopaedic designs and when you try one you will soon feel the difference between a foam mattress and sprung mattresses.

You will notice that a foam mattress moulds to your body, using your body heat to change shape and offering support from your head to your toes. This ensures that you are as comfortable in your natural sleeping position as possible which can not only help to soothe existing aches and pains, but also prevent the stiffness that so many of us feel when waking up in the morning.

Whilst pocket sprung mattresses offer good support and go some way to help you avoid waking anyone who might be sharing your bed, foam mattresses really deaden that movement, making them ideal for anyone whose sleep is disturbed by an over active bed-mate. Some people prefer foam mattresses purely on the basis that they are a great way to keep warm: because they fit the contours of your body, you have less skin exposed to the elements meaning you can be snug all winter without resorting to piles of blankets.

If you aren’t sure whether you want to make the leap into a pure foam mattress, it’s worth considering one of the other combinations on offer, perhaps a mattress which is sprung underneath but has a layer of foam on top, or even one which has memory foam inside the springs to combine the traditional feel with the unique properties of the foam. If you aren’t sure whether a foam mattress is right for you, then why not see how you get on with a mattress topper – they are relatively cheap, easy to add to your existing mattress and a good way to discover whether a foam mattress is right for you.